Premium Matte Blackpods
Premium Matte Blackpods


Premium Quality
Matte Blackpods!

Premium Quality
Matte Blackpods!

Unparalleled Acoustic Experience


Rated 4.9/5


  • Wireless charging
  • Touch Control
  • Super bass
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Voice control


Blackpods matte black

Improved Performance Features

Boosted Wireless Charging

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity


Water Resistant

Customer Reviews

Excellent Sound Quality


Very good product, excellent sound, connect as the originals, very good finish, highly recommended!


Perfect Product


perfect product, recommended, shipping to Ireland ~3 weeks

Jaydon Rath

Good Purchase


                          Works very well so far!                                                            

Reid Turner



Very good, loud af. Idk where you got that chip from but it Works! Amazing, fast delivery

Ursula Hudson

Excellent Result


Good quality, fast delivery. am very satisfied. Thank you!


Good Purchase


Good product. Hopefully seller honors the 1 year warranty.

Darren Waelchi

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Blackpods is two earphones set without any tangling of wire? Yes you have come to the right place and at right time of the technology evolution. The features this blackpods 2 hold are the ones you craving for years now. The wireless charging provides you with extraordinary battery life with no frustration of finding a near socket.

What’s different in Blackpods 2?

The blackspod 2 comes with wireless charging case. It gives you the comfort of charging your blvcknoir blackpods in your pocket or bag. No fear of placing them somewhere for charging and returning to no set there. The attributes black pods 2 posses are unique in their own way and how can we miss the color. Reddit is attractive which will give you a feel of royalty with it’s color. 

Black is not just a color. Yes, blackpods 2 is not only for the naked eye to make an impression. But for you to feel more control over your device with the quick connection it will have with one tap. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. You can also buy Blackpods Max with high stereo and Bass quality from our online store. 

Black pods 2 we provide will be there for you all day and all night. They will sense you like no other technology can. If you put them in your ear they will know. If you put them back in your charging case they will sense it too.

The connection is real with its sensing capabilities. With all your hectic days going on this is the least thing you need to be concerned for. Once bought it will adjust itself according your needs. With the wireless charging case you get the edge of charging your set anywhere.

How it operates?

Let’s walk you through the astonishing characteristics of these pods. First they need to be connected to your device. Are you worried about your device not connecting to it? Are you concerned about your mobile type matching with it? Do not concern yourself.

The pods we are providing you with works on both Android and IOS Devices. Bought these here without the pressure of not possessing the devices on which they work on. For your assistance we provide you the product that best suits you and fulfills your requirements.

After buying them you must be in a hurry to use them. To go to places with music on a single go with this set of earphones. These pods need one time fingerprint touch access.

A window will pop-up on your device. And there you go. Lately you were feeling not connected to someone? Well your pods got you covered. After this process you will have them connected to you always.

They will sense you and act accordingly. If they are in your ears they will play the audio of your choice and once taken out they will stop it. In this manner you neither miss your audio nor battery.

Tap your pod, is your phone in your pocket? Are your hands full to grab your phone and operate it? Or are you just not in a mood to use your phone? Just with a single tap on your blackpods v3 you will enable your device’s voice assistance. You can ask it to play a certain song, gives you direction or anything you want it to play. With this tap you have unlocked your voice assistance.

Sound of blackpods 3 will make you make you glad of your choice that led you to buy this product. With right and left channel separation you will get the right feels with these blackpods v3. Discount code is another amazing feature for our customers. Buying from us will bring so many offers for you that will be easy on your pocket.

Blackpods Battery:

Battery is the most liked feature of all. With 128 hours a week we are still short on time. Blackpods 3 come with long lasting battery life with it. Alongside the charging set even if you run out of battery just put them in you set and it will be recharge.
The battery comes with i500 tws. With the 5 hours wireless earphones you can enjoy your calls without holding mobile. You do not have to burden your hands or ears with your device to talk. Just buy these pods and life is easy.

BLK airpods will be used to adjust the volumes of your calls. You can either place your mobile on a desk or use it for other things while still being on the call. With i200 tws you get the listening time you require.

No more battery interruption with these BLK airpods set. Music, calls, direction whatever and where you require just take out the set and use it. The charging set will start changing as soon as you put back the pods in it.
3 to 5 charge cycles are available with this set. Just start exploring new music every day with the whole package of pods and long lasting charging case.

Super sleek and stylish, color adds more. These pods are famous on amazom with most review. BLK airpods come not only with features so exciting and in exceptional price but are also worthy to use in public. You want to make people wonder, this is the one right product you are looking for.

BLK Airpods:

Black color is the most favorite color of this generation and we provide with the best quality and finishing. This quality you are looking for these pods with easy on pocket budget you have come to the perfect place. Because we care about are customer’s needs and demands.

Affordable, we brought the most affordable product for you. With the emerging technology, everyone is making their way to a new lifestyle. A living that is both affordable and stylish for any living person. This is where you can get both in one product. A price that is both affordable and come with a design that is stylish.

Blackpods vs Airpods:

Have you bought airpods? Or have you lost your airpods somewhere? Are you looking for them? Or are you sure about your choice? Because with the amazing characteristics of this product you will want to reconsider your previous choices.

Clonepods come at a much lower price than airpods. Are you wondering about sound quality but cheap airpods have enhanced bass, noise reduction, left and right separate channels in that lower price. Is the battery life a concern for you?

Black airpods comes with stand-by 24 hours battery life. This life is supported by the charging set. The set provides with 3 to 5 charging cycles. In this lower price you are getting an earphones set with no music or calls interruption.

Buying from us will give you an experience that will last longer, while leaving a soothing effect forever in your ears. The quality of sound will create an assurance that your intuitive decision of choosing us was the right sound in your head. Knockoff airpods quick connection these earphones will also built a strong connection between you and us.

We will be here for your every unanswered question. As we assure you of the quality we are providing. We will be thrilled to hear from you the experience you are having after using this product.

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