The Best fake AirPods To Get Right Now!

 The Apple AirPods may not be that pricey and when their quality is taken into consideration the price does seem reasonable but not everyone has a hundred and fifty dollars to spend on a set of headphones. At this price range, you can pretty much buy phenomenal headphones that are far greater. Luckily there is a way you can hop on the trend without breaking your wallet. So here is a list of the top 5 best fake AirPods that you can buy right now.  



1: BlackPods 1:



What we like:

  • The amazing similarity with the originals
  • The durable charging case
  • Amazing sound quality


✅ Noise Cancellation❌ The maximum volume is a little low using the touch controls, you have to manually set the volume to the maximum. You will only have to do this once though.
✅ Great Battery Life

2: GPED:Gped

What we like:

  • Amazing connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Durable build
✅ Amazing audio❌ Connection is not as easy as the other AirPod replicas
✅ Great build

3: Knpaimly:Knpaimly

What we like:

  • Phenomenal sound
  • The mic is reasonably good
  • Gesture control is pretty amazing 
✅ Built in mic❌ Gesture controls can be a little finicky at times
✅ amazing sound

4: Dison:Dison

What we like:

  • It's quite similar to the original AirPods
  • Can be easily used in the rain
  • Great charging case 
✅ Instant connection❌ Battery life can be improved
✅ Great sounding speakers

5: Lasuney:Lasuney

What we like:

  • The 13mm audio driver delivers a crystal clear sound
  • Can easily be used separately
  • Amazing water resistance
✅ 13mm audio drivers deliver crisp sound❌ The physical button pushes the AirPods further in the ear
✅ IPx7 certified

Blackpods Overview:

Back in 2016 when Apple the tech giant introduced the AirPods they started a revolution. People from all over the world started to transition to wireless headphones. This had deep impacts on the entire mobile industry as it marked the start of the wireless age. Apple was the first company to realize that the future is wireless, due to the newfound ideology they also removed the headphone jack from their flagships.

The apple wireless AirPods were and still are phenomenal; they are super easy to use, look stylish and classy and best of all they offered top tier audio performance. They are no short of a technical masterpiece.

There is also one infamous thing that Apple is known for, their extremely high and sometimes unreasonable prices. A great example of this can be seen in the apple XDR stand which retailers for $999, that is just the stand for XDR screen. A solid piece of aluminum for $999.


So, if you skipped the rest of the article and want a complete rundown of the best fake AirPods, then you should definitely check out the BlackPods1 wireless AirPods for a great audio experience. For a rugged and more reliable experience, you should probably get the lasuney. for the best true to apple experience, you should get the GPED or the CHYU. And lastly, for a more compact fake AirPods, you should get the Dison.

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