Ultimate Blackpods1 Max
with HiFi Stereo

blkpods pro

Ultimate Blackpods1 Max
with HiFi Stereo

Ultimate Blackpods1 Max
with HiFi Stereo

blkpods pro

BlackPods Pro

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  • Long lasting Battery
  • Stereo Mode
  • Wireless Charging
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Touch Control
  • Black
  • White
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Boosted Compatibility Features

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
Long Lasting Battery
Smart Sensor control


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Blackpods Pro

We know you loved the blackpods, but guess what? New blackpods pro have come your way with all the new and more interesting features. This pro version is an answer to all your cravings of bass technology, wireless charging functions, one tap control and many more.

We have introduced this advanced earphones set. Blacker, superior quality and another step towards the increment of classiness. This earphone set is best for your gym workout, driving alone, business hours for calls, or wherever you go they are best to be taken with. You can also buy Simple Blackpods from our online store in High-Quality.

Thrilling Features:

  • Charge function
    The pro version of blackpods has aimed to provide you with the best charging hours. With your tiring days this charging case will charge you earphones in no time. Air3th 1:1 size (without text on charging case) is best to for your all time look and ease. Charge your blackpods anywhere and anytime.

  • Support Noise Reduction and Transparency Mode
    Are you sick of external noises while you are on a call? Is it difficult to figure out what to hear music or voices in your surrounding? Do not worry because this is the earphone set what you need.
    We care about your preferences. This is designed for external noise control. It is your time to enjoy your calls and music without distractions.
  • Support Name Change, GPS Position
    Without taking out your phone you can do anything. Vocalize commands is what we have for you. Just use your voice assistance and get anything done by saying it. This enhanced version is for you to travel without getting lost or late.

    Command to start the GPS and you will be on a go with your earphones telling the direction. Weather check, pause or start music this is all you need to do without operating on your device.

  • Separate Controls
    The two earphones can be used separately. This feature is for all the young souls who do not want to miss music at anytime. If you want your one earphone to never stop playing music this is for you. As these could be used separately or together. We are providing you with the authority to listen music in one ear and directions in other. Gym instructions in one earphone and background music in other.
  • Electric eye:
    This is what will excite you the most. The sensors of these earphones are the key. Ever since the busy life we go back to listening to same music because we had to listen what the other person was saying.
    This will be eliminated now with the purchase of this earphones set. As soon as you take them out of your ear they stop playing right away. Along with this as soon as you put them in your charging case they start to refill it selves.

These enhanced features are the outcome of your heart desires. We care about your needs and demands. Providing you best Blackpods Pro; with high connectivity, bass technology and Bluetooth 5.0.

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